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10.1" (256mm) MMP/Wilwood 4 piston "Slim-Line" (1.38") caliper upgrade VW Fox '87-'93

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Proven on the track, and developed to fit behind the tightest of wheel fitments, MMP/Wilwood's 10.1" offers amazing braking gains, a simple direct bolt-on installation, and BIG unsprung weight savings in a very compact package. It packs a big punch and allows for even the tightest of wheel clearances.

-57% unsprung weight reduction. Factory 9.4" caliper, pad and carrier assembly is 8.5lbs per side. Our MMP/Wilwood kit weighs in at only 3.7lbs per side!

-Will fit OEM 14" wheels without the need for spacers in the 10.1" configuration

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Utilizing the latest Powerlite calipers with the newest and toughest type 3 anodizing for extreme wear resistance, and a heavy wall 1.38" piston design to eliminate flex, they are sized perfectly for the factory 22.2mm master cylinder, or the Mk3 master cylinder and brake booster upgrade.

Our kit is designed to seamlessly integrate with the factory 10.1" brake discs, (part number 321615301D) or upgrade to MMP's lightweight 10.1" 2 piece brake discs.

Click here for MMP's 10.1" Lightweight discs

We offer an upgrade option to the current kit to allow you to run 11" (280mm) 4x100 brake discs!

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MMP's 10.1" Kit Includes

2 Wilwood Powerlite, grey Mil-spec hard anodized, 1.38" piston radial mount calipers

2 MMP CNC billet aluminum black anodized caliper adapters with mounting hardware

2 MMP dot certified stainless flex hoses with adapter fittings

1 set of Wilwood Brake pads

**please specify compound when ordering BP-10 (fast road/street) BP-20 (fast road/autocross) BP-30 (race) BP-40 (high wear race) and Polymatrix Q ceramic low dust pads**