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Mk3 Golf, Jetta chassis '93-'99 brake kits

MMP MK3 VW Caliper and brake kits

With years of extensive development and testing, our kits are designed to seamlessly integrate into your Mk3, while delivering massive unsprung weight savings and huge performance gains.

We have designed our kits with the most compact and strongest calipers in Wilwood's product range and sized for multiple master cylinder options to fine tune to your factory master cylinder and upgraded units.

MMP MK3 Applications include

-MK3 '93-'99 1.8, 2.0, TDI, 4x100 hub 

-MK3 '93-'96 VR6 5x100 hub

-MK3 '96-'99 VR6 5x100 hub

*Note: Base model vehicles may require upgrading to separate pad carrier front knuckles*

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