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9.4" (239mm) MMP/Wilwood 4 Piston caliper upgrade Mk1 VW Golf/Jetta/Scirroco/Caddy/Cabriolet '75-'93

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Momentum Motorparts 9.4" (239mm) Mk1 4 piston brake upgrade offers big braking gains, brake balance improvements, a slim brake caliper profile for tight wheel clearances, and even more impressive weight savings! How can you go wrong?


 Kit highlights

  • With our CNC-machined, aerospace grade 6061-T6 high strength caliper adapters, mated to the finest lightweight Wilwood 4 piston calipers, we were able to realize a massive weight savings of a 60% unsprung weight reduction over the factory 9.4" caliper assembly, while gaining significant performance increases.
  • Wilwood Powerlite calipers were chosen after extensive testing. Now standard in Wilwood's latest Mil-Spec grey anodized finish for extreme durability of the caliper finish. Because of the small size of the 239mm disc, we have found that using larger piston calipers actually lost performance through rotor overheating, difficult brake modulation and overly sensitive lock up. Using a 1.38" piston caliper translated to a favorable static bias increase over the Mk1 calipers, but allowed more fine tuning of bias through pad compounds. 
  • Powerlite calipers, a well established Motorsport caliper use in many categories, use a single split bridge design which translates into better pedal feedback and reliability in racing and high stress situations. These calipers are bulletproof and punch way above their weight!
  • For a small caliper, the Powerlite offers a big piston area increase over the factory Mk1 calipers, and a pad size which is perfectly suited for the swept area of the 9.4" disc. We are fortunate to have been able to collaborate with Wilwood on this to produce this kit.
  • Wilwood's Powerlite profile is extremely compact, but with uncompromised performance. There are no kits on the market offering this level of clearance! Our kit will fit most cast 13" and 14" single piece alloys, pending wheel style


Momentum Motorparts 9.4" 239mm kit includes

Wilwood Powerlite 1.38" piston calipers

  • Compact, durable and lightweight. Used in motorsport and street applications worldwide. 
  • Utilizing the latest and strongest type 3 military spec grey anodized coatings, they offer an oem style appearance with unprecedented durability. Other caliper finishes are available at an additional cost, contact us for your requirements. 
Momentum Motorparts brake caliper adapters

  • Aerospace grade 6061-T6 billet, cnc machined black anodized caliper adapters with mounting hardware and shim kits
Momentum Motorparts stainless braided caliper flex hoses

  • DOT certified stainless caliper flex hoses with adapter fittings and mounting oem style mounting grommets
  • Seamless integration with the factory M10x1 brake line fittings   
Wilwood brake pads (base kit comes with BP-10 pads)

 **Brake pad compound options available**

  • BP-10 (fast road/street) **Supplied as a base compound with all MMP kits**
  • BP-20 (fast road/autocross)
  • BP-30 (race)
  • Polymatrix Q pads **Low dust compound**